Following The Dream: Madonna Inn Employee by Day, Talented Performer by Night

Working for the Madonna Inn for over 25 years, supervisor Enrique Santos is a singer and performer at heart, managing both his hotel job and his musical passion with hopes of becoming a more famous singer. “Since I was little I’ve loved music and I’ve loved horses. I have really been doing what I had [...]

A Hidden Gem: The Coffee Shop at Madonna Inn

Between pink plush barstools and colorful goblets, the coffee bar at Madonna Inn offers a large brunch selection for guests and visitors. If brunch is not what you're looking for, a cup of coffee and some pink champagne cake make for a pleasant experience too. For busy students like business sophomore JJ Wittbrodt, finding the [...]

Madonna Inn: Behind-the-Scenes with Amanda Rich

Image by Ruby Tincup Embellished head to toe in ornate and kitschy decor, the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California, is widely known for its gaudy and over-the-top interior design. According to the hotel's website, the Inn was established by Alex and Phyllis Madonna in 1958 with the vision of becoming a "unique retreat [...]

Getting Hitched in the Land of Kitsch: Weddings at Madonna Inn

Vibrant colored flowers in springtime, brightening up Madonna Inn's secret garden.Alongside the room branded the "Love Nest," this decorated doorway boasts romance.Heart-shaped cutouts hide in the wood boards that line the hotel's patio.A woman reads her novel alongside the secret garden's tranquil pond.A guest walks up the spiral staircase to their one-of-a-kind room.The entrance to [...]

Celebrity Visits to the Central Coast

Image by Wikimedia Commons The Madonna Inn has continued to keep its 4.7K Twitter followers updated on celebrity guests and sightings over the past few years. Known for its famous pink champagne cake, which is seemingly a celebrity favorite, the boutique hotel has become a Central Coast destination for travelers and A-listers alike. Most recently, [...]

Madonna Inn Has Been Attracting Guests for Years, Movie Stars and Models Included

The Swiss chalet-looking establishment lying west of Highway 101 is not a Hollywood movie set, although its hand-carved arches, bubblegum pink accents, gingerbread trim and picture-esc love seat dining room may make someone think that it is. A muse for directors and photographers alike, the Madonna Inn has served as a backdrop for various types [...]

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